Home care for elderly citizens

Efforts have been made to develop home care in the last few years, but most of the objectives have not been achieved. Home care’s most prominent issue is the shortage of personnel. Linguistic equality is not realised due to the lack of Swedish-speaking nursing personnel.
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Sufficiency of Child Welfare foster care

Child Welfare is having challenges in meeting the increased need for foster care with family care and special and demanding institutional care.
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Achievement of binding objectives

51 per cent of the binding operation objectives were achieved. The prolongation of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the achievement of the objectives of the Education Division and the Social Services and Health Care Division in particular.
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City economy

The economy of the city still has a sound foundation, even though the increasing operating costs have exceeded the limits determined by the City Strategy. The city has succeeded in reducing the loan portfolio in accordance with the strategy while the investment costs have been high. The social welfare and health care reform in 2023 will change the financing base considerably.
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Remedying the loss of learning caused by distance education in secondary schools

Secondary schools have increased the support available in order to remedy the loss of learning caused by distance education; however, allocating the support in the future requires reliable data.
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Adequacy of student counselling in vocational education

Student counselling and the rate of studies completion have been developed in a diverse manner, but based on the survey of the personnel, there is not enough counselling available to students.
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Adequacy of open child welfare services

The number of employees in the services of open child welfare is at its statutory level, but due to the increased challenges families face, all needs cannot always be addressed. Furthermore, child welfare has open vacancies for social workers, but the vacancies remain uncovered.
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Elderly patients in emergency services

Home care and service housing have introduced a guidebook for emergency situations and the mobile nurse service, but they are not utilised to their full potential. Closer cooperation should be established when discharging patients from hospital.
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Mental health rehabilitees’ path from hospital care to housing

The city has strived to promote mental health rehabilitees’ access to housing services by turning the Aurora Hospital’s wards of rehabilitative psychiatry into housing units and by increasing the service selection of housing services in the competitive tendering of purchased services. However, the number of people on the waiting list for housing services has not decreased.
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