Social guidance for families with children

The City Strategy states that families will be supported in a multidisciplinary way, with resources directed towards early and wide-ranging support. Access to social guidance for families with children has been improved and the service has been expanded and developed. However, the waiting time for the service has increased, and the availability of skilled personnel has decreased.
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Targets set for the Group

Ownership strategies set objectives for the subsidiaries. However, assessing whether the objectives have been met is difficult because they are set so vaguely.
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The city’s finances

2023 was the first year in which the expenditure and income of social services, health care and rescue services are no longer part of the city’s self-financed budget. Key figures show that the restructuring had little impact on the City of Helsinki’s financial situation.
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Supporting foreign-language pupils in comprehensive schools

The city’s Finnish-language comprehensive schools have supported foreign-language pupils in their learning, but some measures are incomplete or limited in scope. Language support varies between schools because of differences in resources and skills in providing support.
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Achieving the Carbon Neutral Port objective

The Port of Helsinki’s emissions reduction target for ship emissions will almost certainly be reached in 2030. Emissions from heavy goods vehicles and machinery have not yet fallen significantly.
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Attractiveness of libraries and promoting reading

Visitors have found their way back to libraries in 2023 following the coronavirus pandemic, as the number of library visits has increased compared to 2020–2022. Library visits by primary school pupils are extensive, but lower secondary and secondary school pupils and students visit less.
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Development of cultural grants

Cultural grants have been partly developed in line with the City Strategy and the Culture Unit’s service strategy, but it has been impossible to monitor the inclusion of new operators or art forms within the scope of support.
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Strengthening youth work

During the coronavirus pandemic, detached work became part of basic youth work. However, the resources of youth work units are insufficient to cope with the increased tasks and needs. Recruiting staff has become more difficult.
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The progress of urban renewal

Urban renewal is only just beginning, and so far relatively minor measures have been taken in the areas. However, efforts have been made to promote the objectives of urban renewal.
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