Information about the audit committee

Composition of the committee
Nuutti Hyttinen, chair
Dani Niskanen, vice-chair
Iida Haglund
Jussi Junni
Nita Austero
Sandra Hagman
Petrus Pennanen
Mikael Jungner
Terhi Peltokorpi

The audit committee reports directly to the City Council. The audit committee is responsible for organising the auditing of administration and finances and the assessment according to the Local Government Act, for the Helsinki city and the city group.The committee conducts preparatory work on matters for the decision of the City Council concerning audit of the administration and finances, such as the appointment of the city’s auditor.

The committee assesses annually the extent to which the operating and financial targets set by the City Council for the city and the Helsinki city group have been achieved. The committee shall also assess whether or not the city’s operations are arranged in a cost-effective and appropriate manner. The observations related to the assessment are presented in an assessment report prepared for the City Council. The Committee may prepare separate reports for the City Council on matters deemed important in relation to the city's operations and financial management. The city of Helsinki audit department assists the committee with the performance of the assessment duties. All the reports of the audit committee are published on this website.

The City Council appointed on 2nd June 2021 the audit committee for 2021–2024. The committee has nine members and each member has a personal deputy member. The chair and the vice-chair must be city councillors. The committee has been divided into commissions.

Further information about the work of the audit committee is provided by the secretary of the audit committee Liisa Kähkönen. Questions about the assessment process and the assessment report are answered by Minna Tiili.

Liisa Kähkönen
Principal Performance Auditor
09-310 36606

Minna Tiili
Assessment Manager
09-310 36545