Data protection of the online service

The online service is maintained by the City of Helsinki. The City is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its online services in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and other applicable legislation.

For what purpose are the data collected?

The data on the users of the website specified below are collected automatically. These data are used to improve the website’s user interface and user experience and to create statistics of the website’s user count. The data are not disclosed to third parties.

What data are collected on the user of the service?

The website uses cookies for the purpose of managing sessions. No personal data that can be used to identify the user are collected or stored in the technical cookies.

The user has the option to disable the use of cookies by changing the settings of their browser. Using the site without cookies may affect the functionality of the site, however.

The data collected for the purpose of creating statistics of the service’s users is anonymised and cannot be linked to an individual person. These data are:

  • IP address used to access the City’s website
  • time and date
  • pages of the service accessed
  • the type of browser
  • regional location information that cannot be used to identify the user

The users of the site can comment on the results of assessments and suggest new subjects of assessment. The user is asked to provide their name in the comment form, but the provision of this information is not required. If a user submits a suggestion of a new subject of assessment, they can provide their name and e-mail address, but the provision of this information is not required.

Are the data transferred to other services?

The pages may contain content produced by service providers not affiliated with the City, such as embedded map services or social media channels. The owners of these services and channels are responsible for the privacy protection of the services and channels.

Links to individual pages can be shared on Facebook or Twitter with the buttons at the top of each page. No personal data are transferred to the social network services with these links.

Personal data processed on the site

Current information about the members of the City of Helsinki Audit Committee and the contact persons of the Audit Department are published on the website. The name of each member and contact person is published. No other personal data are published on the site.

For how long are the data stored?

We will store the data only for the duration necessary for the purposes outlined in this document. The data to be stored do not contain any personal data that can be used to identify the individual. The names of the members of the Audit Committee are stored for the duration of the council period of office, i.e. four years. The data on a member of the Audit Committee will be removed from the site if they give up their position of trust before the end of the council period of office. The names of the contact persons of the Audit Department will be stored for as long as they hold the position.