Culture and Leisure Division

Promoting gender equality in the Culture and Leisure Division

Gender equality is taken into account in the different services of the Culture and Leisure Division, but the way in which information on service users’ gender is collected varies.
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Achievement of environmental policy objectives in procurement

The environmental policy objectives set by the City Council in 2012 have not been fully achieved in the City of Helsinki’s procurement. Although environmental criteria have been set in several procurements with significant environmental impact in the past, more extensive development has only begun in recent years with the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan.
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Maritime Helsinki

The objectives of the City Strategy have been furthered during this council period of office. Half of the measures planned for the early years of the Maritime Strategy have already been implemented either fully or for the most part.
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Ownership steering of sports and cultural services and overall management

The ownership steering of sports and cultural services is organised in an appropriate manner for the most part. At City level, the problem is that the division of labour between the mayor and deputy mayors has not been defined.
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