Central Administration

The city’s finances

2023 was the first year in which the expenditure and income of social services, health care and rescue services are no longer part of the city’s self-financed budget. Key figures show that the restructuring had little impact on the City of Helsinki’s financial situation.
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The progress of urban renewal

Urban renewal is only just beginning, and so far relatively minor measures have been taken in the areas. However, efforts have been made to promote the objectives of urban renewal.
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City’s digital security

The city has prepared for digital security risks, but the level of preparedness should still be increased. For instance, the organisation of digital security still needs improvement.
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Favourable attitude towards companies and cooperation with companies

The measures promoting a friendly attitude towards companies, for which the Economic Development Division of the City Executive Office was responsible, have largely been successful. In the future, the development of corporate cooperation and a favourable attitude towards companies will require contributions from the entire city organisation and the Economic Development Division in particular.
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Direction provided to the City divisions by the City Executive Office, mayor and deputy mayors

With the introduction of the new management system and City division model, the controllability of the City organisation has improved. However, control and direction have become more fragmented, and there is a lack of clarity regarding who directs what.
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