Follow-up on the recommendations of the financial audit

The auditor has repeatedly issued recommendations on the following topics: memo vouchers, balance sheet breakdowns, the tracking of movable assets and the existence of assets, procurement activities and administration.
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The City’s finances

It has been possible to reduce borrowing despite large investments. The increase in expenditure has exceeded the target of the City Strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing economic uncertainty.
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Modernisation and refurbishment project of the Olympic Stadium

The costs of the Olympic Stadium modernisation and refurbishment project were almost EUR 127 million higher than estimated in the project plan. Additional and alteration work increased the costs the most. Another reason for the cost overrun is the fact that the costs of the project plan were not tied to the tender price index.
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The City’s finances

The City’s finances were strong in 2019. The coronavirus pandemic will weaken the City’s finances in 2020.
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