City’s digital security

The city has prepared for digital security risks, but the level of preparedness should still be increased. For instance, the organisation of digital security still needs improvement.
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Electronic health care services

The electronic health care services are high quality, but not all residents of the municipality are able to use them. Because of this, the availability of traditional service channels must also be ensured in the future.
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Realisation of digitalisation in basic education

Basic education currently has sufficient and functional digital environments, systems and equipment, but they must be developed and replaced. The digital and pedagogical skills of teachers have not improved as planned, and there is a lack of sufficient monitoring data on the development of pupils’ skills.
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Quality of digital services

The quality of the City of Helsinki’s digital services is good for the most part when compared to the national quality criteria for digital services. However, there is room for development in the findability and functionality of the services.
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