Follow-up on the recommendations of the financial audit

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Based on the City of Helsinki’s Administrative Regulations, one of the tasks of the Audit Committee is to monitor that the accountable persons and other persons in charge of operations have taken the necessary measures in response to the recommendations and reminders based on the financial audit.

The City’s auditor reports on the financial audit performed to the Audit Committee three times per year. The reports are distributed to the management of the City and its divisions, departments and public enterprises, as well as other persons responsible for administration and financial management. A summary report on the audit of the financial year is also distributed to the city councillors. The reports describe the findings of the audits and issue recommendations to the organisational departments based on them.

Follow-up on audit findings related to the financial audit of 2018–2019

During the financial year, the auditor reported to the Audit Committee on recurring deficiencies in financial and administrative management that had been identified during the audits in 2018–2019. The areas in which these recurring observations were made are memo vouchers, balance sheet breakdowns, the tracking of movable assets and the existence of assets, procurement activities and administration. The Audit Committee considers it appropriate to remind the organisational departments of their obligation to take immediate action to remedy the deficiencies identified in the financial audit. This applies in particular to the parties mentioned in the reports at the time, but the recommendations will also benefit those who were not the subject of the audit at the time of the audit in question.

The Audit Committee concludes that

the City Board must
◼ ensure that the accountable persons take immediate action in accordance with the auditor’s recommendations to remedy the deficiencies identified.

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