The effectiveness of recommendations

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The goal of the assessment

The main focus of the assessment was on what impact the Audit Committee’s recommendations from the 2020 assessment report have had. The 2020 assessment report addressed 19 assessment topics and presented 51 recommendations.


Ninety per cent of the recommendations in the Audit Committee’s 2020 assessment report had been acted upon by the divisions, either partially or fully. So far, less than half the recommendations have had an impact.

In line with the Audit Committee’s recommendations, measures are being taken to e.g. prevent segregation in neighbourhoods and schools, promote residents’ participation through participatory budgeting and empower young people. Environmental awareness has increased in procurement and construction. There is better access to information about substance abuse services on the redesigned website. In social work for child welfare, the statutory staffing levels are met, but there are staffing challenges in institutional care.

Decreasing the backlog of care caused by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a situation where access to care at health stations has remained relatively the same, despite a high level of intervention. Problems with the Apotti client and patient information system contribute to the lack of a fully reliable way of measuring access to care.

The Audit Committee concludes that

the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division’s health and substance abuse services should

  • continue to improve access to care in health stations.

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