Effectiveness of recommendations

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The main purpose of the assessment was to examine what kinds of effects the recommendations presented in the 2019 assessment report of the Audit Committee have had. The 2019 assessment report examined 17 different assessment topics and presented 58 recommendations.

Of the recommendations the Audit Committee presented in the 2019 assessment report, almost all (92 per cent) were such that the divisions have taken measures that are either partially or entirely pursuant to the recommendations. For example, recommendations related to accessibility and digital services have been implemented well. The measures of the development plan for immigrants’ education have been advanced. Positive effects were identified in over half of the recommendations. Positive development was also detected in the access to Swedish-language early childhood education, increased regular dialogue with the Elderly Citizens’ Council, self-monitoring of the quality of the 24-hour care for the elderly and the immigration work of family centres.

In 2019, the assessment report had five unrealised recommendations. Two of them were related to ownership steering, one concerned the assessment of the appropriateness of the Head of Office’s duties and two concerned the implementation of the actions in the Education Division’s development plan for immigrants’ education. The assessment also paid attention to the situation in oral health care. Measures pursuant to the recommendations have been taken; however, getting treatment in oral health care remains difficult. The challenges are likely due to the pandemic-induced temporary rundown of oral health care and the backlog in treatment caused by it.

The Audit Committee concludes that

access to treatment in the oral health care under the Social Services and Health Care Division

  • must be improved.

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