Impacts of the appropriation for positive discrimination (PD) in comprehensive schools

Alakoululaisia luokassa noppapelin äärellä

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Assessment objective

The main question of the assessment was whether the funding for positive special treatment has achieved its objectives in comprehensive schools. This was assessed by determining whether the funding for positive special treatment has succeeded in creating services that provide equal opportunities for learning regardless of area and whether the funding for positive special treatment has succeeded in reducing disparities between areas in the well-being of children and young people in terms of schooling.


In line with its objective, the funding for positive special treatment has compensated for area-based differences in well-being in comprehensive schools caused by the urban structure. It has succeeded in creating services to support equal learning opportunities between areas. Studies on the subject show that the PD appropriation has a positive effect on the continuation of native Finnish boys and immigrants to upper secondary education. The most important and effective measure achieved with the appropriation is the hiring of additional staff, but the provision of cultural experiences and the procurement of materials are also considered important. The PD appropriation allocated to the school admission area in addition to the appropriation for schools facilitates the coordination of funding and improves the ability of schools to coordinate resources. The challenge is the coordination of overall funding, as schools also receive project funding in different years, which is granted in part for the same purposes as PD funding.

The Audit Committee concludes that

the Education Division must
◼ continue to also distribute the positive discrimination appropriation to basic education areas.

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